Acceptance of virtual meetings instead of travels in corporate environmental policy

It is estimated that each personnel on an average can save 1,217 pounds of carbon dioxide by virtual meetings in an organization. And it would take 25 trees a whole year to absorb that much of carbon. Airplanes, cars and hotel rooms use a lot more energy than the servers and computers needed to run virtual world. A company saves on an average 90% of its cost on his employee if they consider virtual meetings instead of travel.

On the basis of that, as an organization you have corporate policies and agendas referring protecting environment. These policies are sometime binded to the employees and sometime very soft to impose or optional. The following questions are to highlight the extend of acceptance of those policies by the (middle to top level) employees.
Please mention your organization name, your name, designation, work experience in years (entire) while you answer. I expect honest answers, as this findings might influence my research result.